live at Barkode.

blawan - his daughters
perc - a new brutality
sigha - dressing for pleasure (ideal)
shadows - distorted images (mike parker remix)
hyo - skyquake
lodbrok - oil (and remix)
motor - pleasure in heaven (feat. gary numan) (xhin remix)
justin berkovi - backshredding (forward strategy group remix)
jk flesh - posthuman
coleco - hypnagogia
cluekid - into the jungle
cyrus (random trio) - the watcher
youngsta - destruction
skream - 0800 dub
mala - hunter
loefah - horror show
massive attack - bumper ball dub (karmacoma)
vatican shadow - nightforce scopes
rockwell - reverse engineering
synkro - summer blues
ruffhouse - division 3
little dragon - little man (marcus intalex remix)
ruffhouse - the foot
synkro - knowledge
massive attack - radiation ruling the nation (protection)
ruffhouse - bypass
holy other - yr love
caspian - collider in blue
the presets - promises (nils frahm version)
indigo - azha

from the archives, put together for the now-defunct graphite north site.

an attempt to soundscape the decomposition within and without.


reeko // the beginning
perc // pre-steel
alva noto // uni asymmetric noises
old apparatus // hand to mouth
andy stott / submission
xhin // insides
amon tobin // nightlife
svreca // obscur
kangding ray // mirrors
sigha // something in between us
nine inch nails // vessel (bill laswell remix)
anstam // say my name
pinch // get out of here
techno animal // self strangulation
svreca // utero (regis invisible mix)
raudive // entrance
blue daisy // descend
surgeon // we are all already here
mike parker // forward (5am mix)
conrad schnitzler & borngraber & struver // con-struct 3

we will be all

"After years of exploring, searching ourselves, and composing pieces here and there, we found ourselves with more questions than answers. When we could not find these answers in the outside world, we were bound to turn inward. And so we went back to our roots. 

This is something we wanted to do while we still have the chance. What cannot be explained in words to parents, we hope can be captured by these songs. 

We hope that this album serves as a gift from child to parent. While everything else continues to change, this love remains a constant throughout time.”